xbox connect help

can someone please help with xbox connect so i can join LAN matches please. im very unfamiliar with it

i have a mac by the way

As far as I’m aware, XBC hasn’t been ported to Mac. However, you could always set up a virtual machine to run Windows on your Mac, then set up XBC that way! :slight_smile:

thank you for the reply. i download xbc and winpcap on my brothers computer to avoid the mac issue. however he is running ubuntu, i can open up the program but cannot find my console. any suggestions you can make in that regard?

i figured out why im not finding my console… its because the option to create a login for the xbc program never came up… if anyone knows more info, please share

I have been having problems with XBC lately try and download the smallest skin and see what happens.

i’ve downloaded the smallest skin and have the latest version of winpcap. nothing seems to work, what a bummer…

hey just wanted to update that i fixed the issue. i download windows 7 on my mac along with vmware fusion, then i booted windows 7 through vmware THEN i downloaded xbc and winpcap. if anyone else on a mac wants to do this let me know i will pm u how to do it