Xbox app for PC Halo crash

We going to get a fix on this any time soon or we just all moving to Steam?

Arbiter or whatever is causing insta crash for Halo on Xbox for PC app …

I haven’t had a issue playing the Xbox app version at all. I’ve crashed maybe twice since launch.

Mine was working fine as well till the most recent patch

Do you have a nvidia GPU? If so they released a driver update with fixes for stuff that was causing Infinite to crash.

The crashing isn’t fixed on my pc, it’s exactly the same. I don’t think the nvidia driver changed anything

I know there was an issue with the diver for sure but the fix might have been specific for certain GPU’s. I haven’t had a single crash since the update.

I will check for beta drivers, I have the latest driver on the normal release.
Thing is steam version works perfectly fine, then again they have had their platform far longer, the main point here is I just will claim ultimate rewards on the xbox and play on steam.
Xbox PC is still great for other games for the subscription.

Am I the only person using steam and also getting random crashing? Not even getting a system/app log in the event viewer.

Random crashing during gameplay or right at the start of the match. Really annoying during rank since I derank so much from this happening for 1 game it offsets the other 3 games I just won. Read about it possibly being discord or Razer synapse but dont seem to have any luck.

I do get a crash on first load sometimes but never had nay in game crashes on steam. As for the Xbxo app for PC, the game just can’t load.

What is the crash log saying? For me it was Arbiter file.