Xbox Account Not Recognising Service Record


I’m sure it’s nothing surprising that this is a query about an issue involving MCC coming to PC and Steam.

Whereas my friends have linked their respective accounts and been able to view their old their old details containing Halo 3 and Reach from their xbox360 profile info via waypoint, mine appears blank as possible with no relevant information. The Xbox account was created with the same email address and as far as i can tell there would be no way of me linking my xbox360 account back to this xbox profile without doing so through an xbox console on hand.

Is there any way to authenticate the 360 account to this profile that has and always is on the same email address or has it been overridden or lost somehow.
any help would be appreciated.

There was a lot of time in Halo 3 and Reach Respectively and i’d rather not have to repeat dues where it isnt necessary.

Thanks for your time.

Did you change your GT at some point?

From what i can remember, The Gamertag for Xbox 360 matched the email address and was changed only once later to another name (Nine5Renegade).

However both of these are different than the name that was chosen when organising a Microsoft account when prompted for its store a few years ago, this is the name associated with this account currently and on this post, however i don’t believe i ever had the option to authenticate or link the prior 360 profile under the same email they use.

Apologies for the lack of clarity, the Microsoft account was made a few years back via Windows Store with Windows 10. I’m currently no longer on a PC running windows 10 and have no way of accessing that end via windows 7 either.

This sound like the profile’s lost?