Xbox 360 slime halo 4?

Im litteraly mind screwed, Tried everything from using a hd tv - sony to a toshiba to a samsung. Just gameplay is so rigid an unsmooth in war games , When i play on my old 40’ box tv evrything is perfect , Could it be possible my arcade xbox (about 3 years old) Is affecting my hd tv gameplay?

have you re-adjusted your xbox’s visual settings?

Not sure i have a samsung 40" LCD 1080p smart tv and everything is perfect super smooth and everything looks fantastic.

What cables are you using? I’m using a standard HDMI cable and have no issues.

I could be wrong, but it sounds like you’re using SD component cables in your HDTV, correct? If so, use an HDMI cable or the HD component cables (the one that has more connectors)

Damn, I want em one of those slime xboxes :smiley:

Ot, check your system video settings. The visual on a new xbox is set to 480p. The solution for your problem is turning it up to the not so slimy 1080p.

thats screen lagg from your TV, try changing the visual settings, turn of everything that unnecessary and such, if it has a game mode turn that on because it will set it to bare minimum for near instant response, the old box TVs are amazing to play on because there is no screen lag.

Slime? DQ edition lol