XBOX 360 Halo Reach Millennium Org

I am 2nt LT in the Millennium Clan holding about 75 people around the globe. Commander of the Military Police Division. We are looking for recruits that can follow orders and maintain order. We have a division for almost anything. We got Infantry, Medical, Military Police, KSK, Paratroops. If you dont know what division to be in its alright a division can notice you and ask for you. There are a few requirements such as KIK (Social Media),Headset,Xbox Live,Know the English Languge. I am in need of 4 more people for the Military Police Division. However you donĀ“t need to join my division if you want to be in a diffrent division i can provide basic training and direct you to the division leader. I ask that you are active and respectful. To join send me a message on halo waypoint or xbox live. We are a very active clan and looking for members.