(Xbox 360) Halo 4 Tournament! (CCx Gaming)

What’s up everyone?

My gaming community, CCx, will be hosting a tournament this Saturday. You do not have to be part of CCx to play in the tournament, but if you are interested or have any friends that are interested in joining a gaming community, that would be awesome!

Anyways, back to the tournament. It will be on Saturday at 4pm. So, in other words, it would Dec 13th 4pm MT. It will be a FFA tournament, on a variety of handpicked maps (maybe voted for maps, depending.)

There will be prizes.

If you would like more info, either message me here on waypoint and/or check out the roster and information thread on the CCx website at: http://ccxclan.boards.net/thread/23/roster-halo-4-christmas-tournament

The more people I add to the roster, the merrier!

-Killa Days