(Xbox 360 Clan) Join a trickjumping clan!

Clan title: Jump Legacy
Games clan is active on: Halo 3, Halo Reach, possibly Halo 4.
Requirements: None (Nothing needed in bio, motto, no special service tag or armor. No mic required, just follow basic instructions)
About: This is a Halo trickjumping clan anybody can join. If you do not know how to trickjump, I will teach you for free. If you do not know what trickjumping is, look up the most known trickjumping videos on youtube: Look Before You Leap 2 and Look Before You Leap 4. This clan is, and always will be recruiting.
If you want to join, ask a question, or just want to play with me, send a message to: Harc The Shark.

Thank you.