Xbox 1 system link with 360 games

I have 4 TVs set up next to each other for system link games. I took out all of the 360’s and put in Xbox 1’s due to most of the system link games being on the list. Come to find out, the 360 emulator does not support system link and this feature is lost on Xbox 1. Also having trouble playing multiplayer on some games like black ops 2 because it wants 2nd player to be logged in, but you can’t have 2 live accts logged in at the same time. Anyone else having these problems or know if Microsoft plans to fix this?

The Xbox One doesn’t LAN. Microsoft wanted a console that was basically online at all times and that’s what they gave us. The Xbox One’s version of “LAN” or “System Link” is nothing more than a private, custom games lobby. To the best of my knowledge, this isn’t going to change.