Xbox 1 Clan

What’s up ppl. I am ShadowSnyper25 ppl call me Shadow or Snyper for short. I have been in several clans and i know there drawbacks and their good points. I was in Forever The Fallen but they were a dead clan. So I searched out a new one. I am now in a Clan Called Full Metal Gamn. Currently we are in Call of Duty Ghosts on the Xbox 1. Once the new Halo’s start coming out though I will be playing them non stop and i will be looking for ppl to join up. I seriously hope that 343 incorporates some of what CoD did for clan on ghosts because it is freaking awesome.

If you are at all interested in joining a fun but serious clan add me as a friend. You must be older than 15 and you must have a mic. Those are the commanders rules. to me the new mic for the X1 kinda sucks cause mine broke already so if you dont have a mic you have to join party chat and chat using the Kinect Sensor. You will notice that I am pretty epic at Halo. my kd for reach is not positive because I started out on reach and I sucked big time. But I got a lot better and on 4 I ruled. My kd would have gone positive on Reach if I kept at it. I cant wait to upload videos on the new Halo with the xbox 1 personally. Hope to see you all soon. this is spartan ShadowSnyper25 signing off.