XBL OG Halo pics?

Can we gain access to the old preloaded gamerpics like John 117, Sgt. Johnson and Blue Spartan in 2021?

Watch the Unboxing of Xbox 360 Elite by YT/TheRelaxingEnd, he briefly shows the gamerpics that came with his X360 Elite HDD in 2020 and this is a Brand New & Sealed unboxing. The first 12 pics you see are already on X360 Slim but he scrolls down and shows not all but a few more… these are all preloaded pics and you can see his profile uses “John 117” so the other two “Sgt. Johnson” “Blue Spartan” must be included.
I will buy a second hand Elite next month and I will confirm if I could change my pic to a OG Halo one for those that are interested and future readers. It’s safe to assume Brand new sealed older Xboxes come with these pics but second hand is another story… is it possible the previous user deleted them forever or messing around somehow and they are not possible to use? In the mean time if anyone has knowledge about the preloaded pics X360 consoles please leave a comment if you would like to help.