XBConnect represent in MCC and Infinite

So I love that 343 put nameplates in MCC nameplates of Halo winamp, Xbox origin, Halo Xbox, original dashboard, and Halo 360. I think it be cool to see XBConnect represented in MCC by nameplate and Halo infinite as a charm and emblem. Anyone else feel the same?


Please dont put charms in MCC, charms are really dumb IMO, but as a nameplate in MCC yeah, I think it could be cool.


I could agree more MCC is set especially the recent news with a way to play cut content is excellent. 343 is doing MCC right. They dont need to add charms to mcc. They should add to Halo Infinite. Features that allow you to add multiple head attachments. Would love to match my Reach character. Also allow us to move emblem where ever we want on armor cores, weapons, and vehicles. Can’t wait to see cross armor core, hopefully it’s a core of it’s own. Also people that obtain 152 not only should get their coating fix to pre-release promise they deserve the stance and keep the current watchdog coating just make it a variant. I also thought future coatings would also have a watchdog coating Rakshasa and Eaglestrike deserve both watchdog variants as well. <^~^<>^~^>