(X) marks the spot for Sprint

Many were comfortable using the Bumper Jumper control scheme in Halo 3.

Halo: Reach tweaked this layout by making Equipment into an Armor Ability.

You could then Sprint by pressing (X).

I see no reason to upset many player’s expectations in Halo 5: Guardians.

However, in addition to holding (X) whilst pushing forward on (LS) to Sprint, I feel that you should be able to hold (X) whilst pushing left or right on (LS) to Dodge. This would be a lot like the Dash move in Titanfall and would make use of the player’s Thruster Pack to jet sideways. It could also be used in mid-air, were you to have first jumped by tapping [LB] or engaged the Thruster Pack again through the use of a stabilizing Hover by holding [LB]. A player could then use their elevated position to look down on those below, hold [RB] to ready their Ground Pound and then activate it by releasing [RB]. Whilst on the ground they could hold [RB] whilst Sprinting to ready their Spartan Charge and then activate it by releasing [RB]. Crouching whilst Sprinting would have them Slide.

Rather than complicate the HMD with an additional UI element, there should only be only one energy bar. Sprinting should slowly deplete this and cancel your Active Camouflage (should this be provided in-game through some kind of ‘walk into’ power up). This would then allow cautious players to approach the areas where they suspected the enemy threat to be concentrated at normal speed and full shields, whilst others who were confident in their skills could Sprint into combat with a reduced shield bar to increase the frequency of their encounters with the enemy, whilst others would manage this risk and reward scenario by Sliding into cover and recharging until temptation led them into mounting a surprise attack having been momentarily hidden on the motion detector of their quarry.