WZFF Scorpion Bug

I spawned a scorpion in round 5 and so did a teammate. The teammate began shooting me which I thought friendly fire was turned off. However he somehow damaged my scorpion to the point were it was on fire. Is this suppose to happen or is it a bug?

Are you sure there wasn’t a soldier driving it?

Explosives from vehicles can deal minor team damage to other vehicles. If you shoot someone with your tank (if they’re in a vehicle) you get hitmarkers.

My friends have commented on this. My brother shot one of them with a Wraith, and he started yelling about how it nearly destroyed him. I said something along the lines of “It must’ve been an enemy you didn’t see, that’s impossible” and let him shoot my Wasp with his Scorpion to prove my point before shooting him back to drive it home, but I guess it really can happen. I’d imagine it may have something to do with latency because I’ve shot my teammates with Scorpions cannons, Wraiths, Banshee bombs and Phaeton missiles quite a bit, and I can’t say I remember ever damaging someone.

Happened to me too.

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> Are you sure there wasn’t a soldier driving it?

Pretty sure a spawned a tank in a base then a teammate did.