WZFF is pretty bad...

Last night I played a game of WZFF on Escape from A.R.C. & we had a wave where we had to kill several boss banshees with a bunch of regular banshees supporting them. I think it was the 3rd or 4th wave.

I’ve been trying to get a feel for just how far loadout weapons can get me so I was sticking to the BR which seemed pretty ineffective & when I would draw their aggro they would force me into cover and/or kill me pretty quickly. Okay, fair enough, pretty much what I expected. Guess it’s time to call in some power weapons.

But first I went to the garage and attacked from the second floor through the big hole in the ceiling which gave me a good line of sight on the swarm of banshees.

This is when I realized they were basically just flying around over the center of the map occasionally returning fire on my teammates. None of them once returned fire on me, it was like they couldn’t see me while I had a great line of sight on them.

For several minutes i just poured hundreds of BR rounds into them with no return fire AT ALL until we completed the round with 1:30 or so left.

This is what I observed:

-while I was basically staring at a swarm of banshees for 2 minutes, they barely returned fire in us at all. Most of them spent most of the time flying around aimlessly, just kind of being there and soaking up bullets.

-when one did actually return fire on a player they would kill him almost instantly (not necessarily a bad thing but… )

-from the second floor of the garage I was able to do a lot of damage (over a long time though) with just a BR while receiving NO return fire at all.

-The best thing they had going for them was the timer and a ton of health.

How is that considered good gameplay?

A mantis is pretty good at taking down banshees, and a kinetic bolt br can also do damage

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> A mantis is pretty good at taking down banshees, and a kinetic bolt br can also do damage

You kinda missed the whole point of the post…