WZFF - Final Round needs Tweaked

Right, this is mainly to do with the Final Round battle where you section it into 2 Boss Fights in 1 round… The way things are, you need to be able to take out the Legendary Bosses I’d say in 1 minute to have enough time to deal with Legendary/Mythic Boss fight. Problem is 5 minutes is not enough time to be able to do this successfully. I don’t know if your intent is for everyone to bring a tank and run through the bosses but some people are really stingy with the REQs and then there are the maps that require going into narrow paths, you have idiots trying to force their tanks past other tanks, and that costs us time. I’d say that we need 10 minutes for this particular type of boss fight where you have split it into two. If you are giving us 2 boss fights, we should have double the time. It’s not that the bosses are hard, it’s just easy to get bogged down with dealing with the first set of bosses. My success rate for this type isn’t good. I have way more losses than wins and it always results in not enough time to deal with the final bosses. Especially on Stormbreak.