WZFF contribution to your MMR

Any reason why playing WZFF affects your MMR? Sure it’s a social playlist but it’s not against other players.
I was on the phone and playing WZFF. I got through 3 games, winning all 3, nearly at the top of the board in each game. I immediately went to play normal WZ and the first game was done in 4 and a half min with a final score: 1000-79… cause I matched against 3 champs. we never had a single champ ranked player in our side. how does this work?

I wouldn’t balme MMR…I would blame lack of population so the game has to make games by available players. Soical games have wide windows for match making.

I don’t think Firefight uses MMR and it wouldn’t affect your WZ MMR even if it did because each playlist has its own. You likely just had a bad luck game since it’s social. You could’ve very well gotten lucky and been on the team with the champs, but it didn’t work out that way.