WZF is just overwhelming

First of all, this is my opinion about the mode.

Every since the release of WZF, there have been ups and downs. There are lot’s and I mean LOT’S of overpowered enemies. Yes it’s fun to most people, but it gets to the point where excessive amounts of enemies that keep spawning wave after wave isn’t quite how Fire Fight was. Now, I just played on Darkstar where you have to defend the first armory. Already, there are just numerous amounts of Prometheons around such a small armory. Inside you find crawlers and soldiers just waiting to attack on sight and kill you instantly. Up on the upper level, there are soldiers with the splinter turret and knights. With only 8 players, me and my teammates lost within that 5 minute of gameplay, not even finishing one round. That match was kind of irritating since the fact that we were killed instantly.

Then there’s the last round where you fight against the 4 Mythic Bosses of Hunters. You have only 5 minutes to kill all 4 and they are pretty overpowered. By the time we kill 2 hunters, we only have a minute left and the death timer is half a minute. I see where 343 is going with the difficulty but it’s not the Fire Fight we had before. This difficulty isn’t get good and play better, but the annoying overpowered difficulty that the majority of players ( im guessing ) have lost to. I feel like some bosses are just too excessive with 3 or 4 Wardens or 4 Wraths.

With the death timer increase every round, and especially the last round, it’s a big no to me and probably to a lot of other players as well. You die and wait half a minute and end up spawning half away from where the bosses are. It’s just a big waste of time to travel back where you have to be and eliminate the overpowered bosses and repeat the process when your dead again. Honestly, WZF is just too overwhelming, maybe we can push it down a notch where it’s not too easy or too hard.

At the moment there are hordes of enemies with ridiculous stats. I would much rather had it so that the numbers stayed similar, but they had less health and damage, so you could feel like your destroying the enemy rather than firing pea’s into a tsunami.