Can someone explain this to me? I just lost 7 of the first 10 matches on Breakout and I got into onyx I.

After being a semi pro in TS I was excited to be getting to far lower tier so I could stop versing full teams of Americans while I played with an awful connection solo, but nope just put me straight back into onyx I so now I’m just going to get matched up against extremely uneven teams.

None of it makes any sense. No idea how I performed first ten games only that I was playing alone and got matched against squads so almost certainly didn’t win most of them. Onyx 1 too. I just assumed that was the lowest rank until I actually bothered looking.

However when my friend played for the first time we were in a squad and he won 9/10 games. Gold 2.

It doesn’t match me against higher or even people though. Which means I gain very little for a win and lose huge amounts for a loss. I went 17 to 1 in one game and earned 2 points. Went 19 to 2 in another and earned 1. -20 for a loss though…

Definitely some fixes needed before endgame.

It’s broken, it should take longer than ten games to get to the higher ranks anyway. I don’t want someone to get lucky with the first ten games and then get semi pro when they suck.