Wu Tango Squad - [EU/UK Exclusive] [150+ Members]

Hey folks, CallidusAE from the latest and greatest squad in the great Epsilon Fleet here!

Wu Tango squad is an experimental and specialized squad attached to the 75th Battalion of Epsilon Fleet, and with access restricted until now, anyone who meets the requirements can join! There’s around 6 slots open at current and those who demonstrate the right stuff can sign up. Basically, if you’re tired of losing, no matter what your experience, you should shoot me a message to join up, since I’m also the recruiter! We offer the following :

  • UK/EU players & leadership - 150 + clan members to play with (or against) - High standards of professionalism & sportsmanship - Rather dubious heritage - Leadership experienced in competitive play on games such as CS GO - Opportunities to build your own squad and expand your dominion - Some pretty badass, merit-based ranks & a solid chain of command - Events and tournaments - A thriving, active communityDid all that sound pretty damn great? I imagine it did! So what are you waiting for?!

So save yourself the hassle and join today!

By this point, if you’re not sold, no excessively hard feelings! But if you’re all the way down here, you must be interested in joining, so you should know how to join and the requirements (although I won’t deny we’re a hearty band of heroic warriors, we are, as a rule, mature and respectful bringers of death and destruction).

Requirements :

  • Be over 15 years of age - Have an Xbox One & Halo 5 - Have a good mic (please?) - Be mature, polite and at the very least a respectable member of society - Have a computer or a way to access the website - Be from the UK/EU__Well, with all that covered just send over an application (a well punctuated, thought out application at that) to me directly or reply to this thread! I’ll handle your actual application into Epsilon Fleet, but be advised, you will need to submit a form at that stage.__

See you on the field or other assorted terrain!

CallidusAE here with your daily bump! - Join today!