Wting XPhy Have I Been Banned From Getting XP

I have been banned from getting XP and am trying to figure out why. I am at a level 58 and I have seen several people that are higher levels. I haven’t done anything to warrant this except to play hours of Halo 4 which is what I assume you want people to do?! I would like an explanation as to why I have been banned and I would like to know what you plan on doing about the fact that I have a sixty dollar game with a twenty dollar map pack that is essentially worthless at this time? What is the point of an online game where you play for XP if you set a cap on the amount of XP a player can get in a certain time frame, or if a player gets banned for no good reason?

Did you get banned, or hit the daily xp cap?

Sounds like you hit the daily EXP Cap to me, must of been alot of hours you put in.

What is the daily XP cap?

Its where 343 decided you had too much fun and said ENOUGH NO FUN FOR JOO!

You don’t “play for XP” You play to have fun and for the competitive aspect. All rank does is show off how much time you have put into the game.