WTH are you doing about MM 343?

Tell me why? Halo with a general population of 100k or more players cannot handle a server browser style of matchmaking.

Yet a PC game with less than 500 average players can?

And on that PC game, I usually find exactly what I want to play…

As opposed to the system that is the equivalent of a slot machine… to put me in a game with someone.

Especially when the population of said game is large enough to assume that there will be someone hosting something, somewhere out there to your preferences

It just makes sense, that with a larger population, a server browser style of matchmaking would be more beneficial. Because the population supports it.

Whereas Halo has been using a system, that to me… seems to be designed for smaller populations. It tries to gaurantee that people get put into games by forcing them into it. And people are getting fed up with being forced to play stupid Yoink!. Especially when there are at least 99k other players out there that I could be playing with right now. I shouldn’t have to go all-in just for this small handful.

This is why you have so much bickering on the forum, and everyone tying to put their .02 in as to what Halo 4 should be. We are tired of being forced to play stupid Yoink! when the size of the population says; I shouldn’t be forced to play anything I don’t want too.

Everything you see going on, is simply due to the way matchmaking has been handling the community. Fix that and you will see Halo enter into a Golden Age.

Just sticky a thread detailing your plans for multiplayer and what kind of options we as end users get, to decide how our time is spent online… and I will I would be deeply appreciative if you would refrain from speaking…

(Yes I did yank this from a dumb thread, because it deserves it’s own)

So people are up in arms right now because of the current Matchmaking system?

OT: I should imagine there are plenty of other more important reasons as to why people are so angry right now…

You know what you’re asking right? You can’t just implent a server browser JUST like that seeing as those servers are… well lets take counter strike they’re dedicated servers or hosted locals. It aint just a nice piece of cake :slight_smile:

EDIT: Accidently posted the reply before i was done lol

343 / Microsoft would have to make over a thousand servers if we were to have a browser, MM takes people and puts them together without the need for browsing(Tho i see where u are going) And a browser can ONLY FIND existing servers.

I don’t understand what you’re trying to say.

I think that you were ranting about the current matchmaking system, and that you wanted to have a new one that would make players join games in progress. If thats what you meant, then HELL NO.

I don’t mean to sound like hundreds of others here, but that is some serious Cod BS that needs to stay away from Halo. No matter what they do to Halo, I can still know comfortably that I won’t be put into a game with a 50/50 chance of being on an already winning/losing team. That is 1 thing that they better not ever change. That alone is half the reason I hardly ever play other multiplayer matchmaking games.

I’m sorry if you didn’t mean it like that, but thats all I could get.

If you’re not up in arms about this issue then your are a waste of internet space.

If you’re the type that spends time complaining about minor -Yoink- like sprint and bloom.


Because if you fix the MM issue, you fix those issues.

Oh and BTW, you are outnumberd on the join-in-progress issue.
And did it ever occur to you that you could literally set that option under a server browser style of matchmaking system.

If you don’t want join in progress on your hosted room/server, then don’t
Someone else who doesn’t care, can set it open.

And who says MS has to provide thousands of servers to make this work.

Do you realize, that when I say server browser, I simply mean to give a list of rooms being hosted. Not actuall DEDICATED SERVERS.

I mean, when I make a game, I want people to be able to find it.
It’s still going to be p2p, microsoft doesn’t have to provide a dedicated server for me to host a room and allow you to find it on a list.

Did any of you play on XBConnect at all?

> If your not up in arms about his issue then your are a waste of internet space.
> If you’re the type that spends time complaining about minor Yoink! like sprint and bloom.
> Because if you fix the MM issue, you fix those issues.

Sir i’m not trying to insult you now but… i don’t think you have the slightest idea, what you’re asking for here.

Server Browser does not exclusively mean Dedicated servers.

It just means providing a list of rooms for people to choose from.

Custom Rooms… With custom settings to choose from.

Instead of a limited selection of playlist with pre-defined gametypes/maps chosen for us.

get it?

Try getting a clue yourself before you respond to me.

How long did it take for you guys to finally get a playlist update with 0 Bloom?


How long would it have taken to be able to play games with 0 Bloom in a server browser type setting?

Just enough time to set the filter and refresh the list. Assuming they left bloom customizable from the get-go.

Lol Mr E0S, calm down.
And stop saying “get it?” it’s obnoxious.

First, what you’re describing would be fine as a CUSTOM GAMES browser, not as a replacement for matchmaking. Very big distinction you need to clear up here. If you were to replace matchmaking with server browsing, getting a simple ranked 4v4 would not happen. Host a game, then sit there and wait for 15 minutes as you try to get 7 other people to join and wait as well for the room to fill up. Players who join wont even be a similar trueskill rating as you.