just played 4 games of BTB and the only map I got was Deadlock! like WTF? is this normal?

Because there are only 4 maps.

So for each match every match has a 1/4 chance of getting picked.

Same thing has happened to me in other playlists quite a bit. Map/gametype, when playing arena, should be on a real time cycle. So over the course of of an hour there is more of a variety. I’m sure it’ll get better over time though… I’ve literally played empire five times in a row before though :-\

25% chance, probability was not on your side

1/4 chance. Each time. It doesn’t reduce the chance each time. So each time had a whopping 25% chance of it being that map.

Wow that’s a lot of matches played. Like 4 entire matches? Wow. I’m really concerned now… I mean, there’s only like 4 maps and that means there is an extremely low 25% chance you might play in the same map again!

They added the upgraded map skip in Halo 3 and realized wow everyone loves this! So for the next games lets just go ahead and get rid of it!

I had Basin appear 5 times out of 6. For a 25% chance that seems poor odds coming up.