WTF with this review??? seriously

Quarter to Three, this is the web site of the review, are you f*** kidding me? 20? a dog with new tricks they said, WTF? we have to ruin this page, seriously, now!!.

They just wanted to hate on the game so he could make way for COD.

It’s called an opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own.

We may not agree with their opinion, but it is their opinion and we should respect that.

the review was completely stupid… no intelligence, i would never read a review from that site ever again, not like I ever did. LOL

I’ve seen reviews from that guy before(if you can call those reviews)

He is just butt hurt that it’s not like Halo 1, I mean he basically said so about half way through his review.

> It’s called an opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own.
> We may not agree with their opinion, but it is their opinion and we should respect that.

Opinions can be unfounded and wrong, though

Make something terrible, and watch as the views, and ad money, come rolling in.

It’s how the internet works. Worked with “Friday”, Bieber, and anything else wanting to make a quick buck.

> It’s called an opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own.
> We may not agree with their opinion, but it is their opinion and we should respect that.

That’s true, but his review just seemed like mindless bashing.
It is supposed to be based on facts, not his opinion. It’s a review. And he clearly doesn’t know what he is talking about, IMO.

This review left me unconvinced. The author made numerous empty judgements seemingly in an attempt to sound convincing but ended up never getting specific enough to be objectively convincing.

> There are no new set pieces, no new situations, no new beats in the gameplay. It’s all a retread. A slide down the same worn groove when you could instead be playing Borderlands 2, or The Darkness II, or Mass Effect 3, or the new Painkiller re-release, or even Halo: Reach.

What are the new set pieces, situations, or beats in gameplay that Reach has and Halo 4 does not? Fails to support.

> First come the Tron dogs, then the Tron guns, then the Tron robots, then whole Tron levels. The new guns are Tron versions of the old guns: battle rifle, shotgun, sniper rifle, rocket launcher, etc. Their components hover magically like a live action exploded view of a fake space gun. Then they slam together and you’re shooting orange laser beams where bullets used to be. The new stuff is all orange. Orange enemies, orange veins in the alien structures, orange laser beams. Orange is the new blue.

Thoroughly fluffed paragraph. Said everything was Tron and there was lots of orange. And? What, orange robots were copyrighted by Tron? Orange cannot be used?

> Except now the infection mode is called Flood. What a horrible fake-out to see a mode called Flood and to discover that this is not, in fact, the Flood, but infection mode with a Flood skin. It’s worth mentioning that Halo 4 has the perfect opportunity to reintroduce the Flood. No such thing happens.

The Flood is the Infection. A horrible fake-out? How? A simple name change that correlates with the gametype well confused him? The infected players are effectively Flood, the gametype is called The Flood. This is horrible?

> She blames her mood swings on rampancy. That’s apparently a thing. Rampancy. An AI thing. It was better when Shodan and GlaDOS did it. Also, AIs have a lifespan, like replicants. Didn’t you know that? In case you didn’t, Halo 4 is telling you now. By the way, Halo 4 says, AIs have a life span.

Part of the Halo story. Halo has novels that go very in-depth into Halo’s diverse and fascinating universe. How else could plot elements be revealed if not by game characters? Anyway, this wouldn’t be new info to a person who actually cared for the series.

> Since Cortana is going to go rampant as she nears her expiration date, Master Chief tells his commander officer, who is a -blam!- anyway, to eff off. Meanwhile aliens something something something with an orc who lives inside a giant egg. Something something something artifact something something.

Excuse me? This is a turnoff “something something.” He is attempting to convey that he finds the story boring by mocking it and detaching himself. But his wording suggests he simply has no interest in learning the story or using the proper terms to convince his readers.

> Overall, the story is slow, sentimental, and all too serious.

Do you have any suggestions as to how the story could have been improved? Take a particular situation and apply your own thinking to speed up and lighten the story. Alas, the writer did not do this. Thus, it comes across as mere bashing.

> But it was also a reminder of the raw genius that launched the series.

What is the raw genius that the writer loved so dearly? Alas, he never reveals this, so no one can claim they indeed exist in any Halos after Halo CE.

> This is Halo 4. A shiny old dog without any new tricks.

Another metaphor, he must be intelligent and correct. First came Tron, then orcs, then giant eggs. I have been stunned by his genius.

In all, the author came across as an individual thoroughly biased or uninterested in Halo 4. He has no interest in objectively convincing people that Halo 4 was a bad game, as he surely intended to. Overall, he was a man using metaphor and negative language to simply convey a vague malice towards Halo 4. With no direct evidence or convincing support to said malice, his points mostly remained weak.

Extremely ridiculous review, the author obviously just wanted to attract attention. I’ve not played the game but from what I’ve seen the game does not deserve such an abysmal score.