WTF, Warzone Turbo??

Ok. Got in from work. Seen the MOTD showing Warzone Turbo. I read the description and got excited! So I went to start a match, equipped my Legendary Warzone RP card, thinking that with all the kills I’d rack up with all the power weapons, I would earn a lot of RP! But… oh, boy, was I wrong. After taking over 3 minutes to get the lobby full, the match was about to start, and… black screen… then, a bunch of garbled text appeared on the screen. I pressed A, black screen. Sent me to the main menu. Robbing me of both a fun match, and my Legendary RP REQ card. ‘Ok, no biggie’ I thought. ‘I’ll just try again. Maybe my internet’s acting up’ Went back into the server search, used a common RP card this time, and… after 3 more minutes of filling the lobby, the exact same thing happened. ‘Ok. Screw this new mode. I’ll just play regular Warzone.’ Attempted to play warzone, lobby was filled in the regular amount of time, and…garbled text, infinite black screen, and the game crashed. WTF. GET YOUR CRAP TOGETHER 343!!! WTF!!! WASTED THOSE 3 CARDS, WASTED MY TIME IN YOUR BROKEN LOBBY, FIX THIS GAMEMODE!!!

Who falls for the same thing 3 times? Thats your fault for wasting boosts. Xbox has been having issues all day. Just relax and come back later.

I know xbox live and 343 have some issues from time to time (I was dropped out of a game last night as well), but make sure it’s not your network at home that’s having the issue. Reset your router, run a speedtest and compare your results over time. Remember you want a low ping, and high upload and download speeds.

comes in 3s

Server issues are to be expected as everyone will be attempting to play the new game mode.

Using XP and RP boosts shouldn’t be a gamble, but it is.

Don’t use your boosts until the countdown starts…

Alright. A little update lol. After the game crashed, I gave it a couple of hours, restarted it, and wouldn’t ya know? Everything worked fine lol. I shouldn’t have gotten so mad but hey, this was after a stressful day at work, and after losing a pretty good card. Sorry for the unnecessary saltiness lol.

(P.S. I love Warzone Turbo)