wtf just really connection lost

I was on warzone march on stormbreak or whatever and I use a urban mantis only had one…so had to make it count so…I use I walk a couple steps and connection lost I got so freaking angry I was like WTF you -Yoink- of a game

I’ve lost countless high rarity boosts from DCs and unsalvagable JiPs.

I’ve been betrayed by team mates on vehicles when I’ve held rare weapons.

I stopped caring after the first two.
If you don’t use them it’s as like you don’t have them.
Then -Yoink- happens occasionally and it doesn’t go your way.

You’re going to get another one as long as you keep playing. In the mean time, don’t stress yourself out over stupid crap that happens, I got a lot happier when I stopped caring what happens with my REQs after I use them. I can relate though, getting out an ONI tank at base only to be boarded by a stray enemy frustrated me beyond what I’ve been in a long time.

Yeah base campers

What really got me angry was it was legendary