WTF is up with the ranking system???

how is it when youre onyx you can win a game and go up 1 point but lose a game and go down 10-16 points??? I’ve won games where they had 2 champs and 2 high level onyx and still only go up 1 point. Fix this 343 wtf! Odds are you’re gonna lose 1 out of 15 games. So I play for over an hr and go on a win streak and then I lose 1 game and I’m back where I started? Where the logic tho :upside_down_face:

Details about how the ranking system works can be found in the pinned matchmaking threads in the Matchmaking forums. Look for the archive topic first and read the first posts from the latest 2 topics noted there (from May 2018) and then see the latest topic which is pinned (June 2018). If you still have any queries after that feel free to make a new post in that thread, but everything has been explained in detail there so it should answer any questions you have