wtf is this garbage

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I bought blackops 2 and halo 4, blackops 2 for the zombies and halo 4 for the great online experience to get to lvl 50, like i had 3 lvl 50s in halo 3, but when i played this game, there is -Yoinking!- classes, and you get ordance drops, wtf is wrong with the maps, and my guy halo dude looks like a power ranger, did u guys smoke crack when you made this game, you should have named it halo reach 2, instead of halo 4 made me buy a game thats not even halo… i srsly got bored no ranking system and it requires no skill just long range weapons with 50km maps. you fooled us with halo 4 but i swear you wont fool us with halo 5, go give me a refund of 59.99 plus tax or change the whole game plus for compensation give everyone halo 5 for free for your silly mistakes and we might consider to forgive your 313 -Yoink-

This game makes me rant like that sometimes…

If they had named it Halo Reach 2 I would have known not to buy it. I didn’t realize that when 343 said ‘returning to the roots’ they meant imitating the worst Halo in the franchise. It shouldn’t even be called Halo

i know dude, im so disapointed in halo 4, i guess we have to wait for an update to fix all their mistakes…(when pigs can fly) or maybe they will wake up in the real world and fix it in halo 5 and give halo 5 for free for there insulting mistake.