Wtf is going on?!?!

First time I’ve played this game since January. Log back in for Tac Ops. Cool enough rewards. The issues?

After my first game, back in the main menu. The " Play " button is stuck on " In Progress". Ok, quick restart. Second game does it again. Ok I’m out.

The challenges. 7 back smacks in SWAT!!! 7…BACK SMACKS…in a game…that requires ONE HEAD SHOT.

This is absolute F’N insanity. I don’t understand how a franchise I’ve loved for 20+ years has turned into…this. They have managed to take a fairly simple game and suck the absolute fun out of it. I guess I’ll see everyone in Season 3…


Yeah I don’t think much will change until season 3 at the earliest. I hope MS disbands 343 after this. This ain’t it


My guess is that the challenges are computer generated. Get X kills with Y weapon in Z game type. 343 put it on auto pilot, what could go wrong?

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Yup. I had a challenge for getting 10 assists in Tactical Slayer. This basically means: do the exact opposite of what you’re supposed to do.

You thought you were supposed to aim for the head?

Nope. Aim for the body. Die (because you obviously didn’t kill them first). Hope someone else kills them. Repeat.

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Yes the challenge system is really poor and just provided frustration rather than fun


Yes, if you haven’t noticed all the unpopular changes in MCC, Infinite, and the Halo TV show. It’s a competition to be the wokest and sleepiest company on Earth. Borderline mentally unresponsive when it comes to smart game design choices, but 10 cans of Rockstar deep in the blue checkmark department.

Either way, they’re angering fans in every department with their infamous decisions over the last decade.

Here’s a fun example:

As for the main topic, we’re getting nothing but back smacks and end killing sprees challenges. This is by far the WORST event ever. I thought I hated Fiesta, but bruh, I have to get kills with specific weapons, and I have no control over the rotation of the Tac Ops mode. Almost as bad as the CTF wins in Ranked the other week.

I feel like 343 is intentionally causing us grief as revenge for daring to vocalize our dislike of the undeniably flawless masterpiece that is Halo Infinite…


343’s from washington so I believe that answers your question


You have got to be kidding me, bro. That’s so inept. I can’t even fathom why they would include that in a no shields playlist.