WTF happened to warzone match making

I haven’t been playing for about 2-3 weeks, the first warzone game I hopped into we immediately got triple Capped and lost. Thinking this is just a fluke I played two more games and the same thing happened. I have been playing on and of now but every warzone game I play my team either losses by a wide margin or gets triple capped. Is this happening to anyone else is it just me

pretty common occurance. there’s a lot of warzone sweats out there that love to get full teams together so they can take full advantage of WZ’s snowball nature. once these teams get the reqs going, it’s impossible for a full team of randoms to do anythinng. if you’re lucky, these teams will just go for the core and end the game but usually they’re just going to keep you trapped at your base and kill you to farm kills for achilie’s, do it for fun, and/or to pad their overall stats on waypoint.

Sounds like just bad luck to me.

My least favourite gametype strikes again. It’s good for REQ farming though, but I’m too old to keep track of 12 players and AI.

I recommend finding a group of players you can play with in warzone.

As a solo, playing WZ off-hours seems to help.