WTF Happened to Medals???

Used to love looking at mine and others medals at the end of a match. Why the heck is the feature missing? Was it really that tough to add in developement? I mean they already give them to us during a match and have post-match stats. What gives 343?

It’d make to much sense to show them post game, so they took them out.

I asked myself the same thing

That, and Tool of Destruction, are two VERY strange omissions in the post game lobbies. Especially with great additions/re-additions like accuracy and damage dealt.

I hadn’t noticed, still getting my head round this. But i guess it would help if i actually played it. (Played 3 times so far)

The removal of headshots in game stat board, top medals post match and your point OP is just BS.
Also, you can’t get the stat board up in game and scroll with the right stick.
I’m sure we’ll find many other issues showing 343i really still haven’t got to grips with Halo.

I know right! REMEMBER REACH