Wtf 343. Way to make progression even worse

So they added 50 XP per match and are counting on everyone being too stupid to notice it slowed progression. 12 matches would net you 750 XP. Now it’s 600. Seriously wtf 343. Quit making statements that you’re here for the players when all you obviously care about is trying to force us to spend more and more money. You guys are jokes for this.


ummm how did 12 matches net you 750 XP. You wouldn’t get XP every match with the old system so I’m confused on your math.

Then you don’t understand math I guess. Pmp 1 through 7 was a total of twelve matches for 750 total xp. Now it’s 600.

I have the same question, math is not right.

Then you also can’t math my guy. My math is right. Read what’s above your comment.

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Yeah, they didn’t make the progression any better. It’s actually slower if my memory is correct.

1x100 for first three matches equalled 300XP
2x100 for the next four matches equalled 200XP
1x100 for the next three matches equalled 100XP
Old system totalled 600XP for first 10 matches.

5x10 matches for 500XP
New system totalled 500XP for first 10 matches.

I might be slightly off on this on the higher end but it’s still not BETTER by any means. They need to simply double XP per game.

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What is Pmp? That must be an acronym I don’t know. You still didn’t answer my question I have played around 4 hours each day since release, and there were some matches with the old system where I earned no XP whatsoever unless I was lucky enough to get the daily challenge of completing a match. I’m still wondering where you got the 750 XP from. There quick fix right now gives you XP everytime no matter what. The previous one didn’t.

While i agree that they slowed the daily progression, they made the weeklies vastly better!
So that in my opinion makes up for it.

Under the old system you would get 400 XP for five matches.
The first three matches you would get 100xp per match and the next two would give you 100xp. For a total of 400 XP.
Under the new system for that same exact five matches you would only get 250 XP total, 50 XP per match.

Now in the long run, assuming you grind it almost averages out. It would take 19 games under the old system to gain a battle pass level (1050xp) and now it takes 20 games under the revamp(1000xp)
However this is ignoring the weeklies completely and just going off daily XP.
However the weeklies have been vastly improved. So I think overall it’s a better system.

Making the weeklies better doesn’t make up for slowing down the dailis imo. This is actually going to take longer to proceed through imo. Because once your weeklies dry up it’s 2 hours to start reaping the “benefits” of the new dailis being 50XP. They should be 100XP but even at 75XP per it would be better. You would at least be progressing quicker on the second game you play regardless of if you have any weeklies left. As it is, you have to play something like 12-15 games to come out ahead after you’ve done your weeklies.

The first day of weeklies FEELS better always. But I don’t think this is better. They just did some neat accounting tricks. It’s true that the weeklies are somewhat easier but you still are progressing at a glacial pace if you were planning on hammering out all weeklies regardless.

It’s simply not progressing fast enough imo.

Can’t argue that the first day of weeklies does feel better. :joy:

Practice makes perfection. And I did answer your question. For whatever reason you chose not to understand the answer even tho I clearly explained.

Not to mention they flat out lied when they said the challenges wouldn’t be set up to force you to play a certain way in order to progress. The new weeklies are somewhat easier, but they still force you to play a certain way. And with no bonus XP for winning, most the players I run into don’t care about playing objectives since there’s no reason to. But 343 wants to act like they’re doing this for us.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but they should have stuck with the way progression and unlocks work in the Master Chief Collection.

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The name of the Daily challenge. Practice Makes Perfection. So far from what I’ve seen, there were at least 13 PmP challenges under the Daily tab.

Previous Daily system was 12 challenges at 33 games = 1,500xp.

If we kept the daily system the same, just changed all XP gain to 50, we’d have 600xp in 33 games due to the 12 challenges. (thankfully we didn’t, right?) The system we currently have would be 600xp acquired in 12 games as it’s (I assume) all going to be “play 1 game = 50xp” so that’s 1 game per challenge if we’re only looking at 12 challenges.

If we played 33 games like was required of us from the previous challenge, we’d be sitting at 1,650xp. So 150xp more than before. But the thing is, we need 1,000xp to go up 1 tier of the battlepass. Well for the current system, we’d need to play 20 games to go up 1 tier (1,000xp) at 50xp a game. Before with the Dailies alone, we’d have to complete the first 9 Daily challenges which would net us 1,050xp at 19 matches played. We lost XP from this update. We have to play even more to even see the difference in XP gain and that’s under the assumption there were more PmP challenges after 13 and even then, we can clearly see the requirements differed per challenge, so we’ll never know now if we actually are getting more XP or not.

But it’s clearly worse in the short term. We must play an extra game and still come up 50xp shorter than the previous system. NOT counting weekly challenges which are FINITE. They run out as there’s only 20.

Also, is my math wrong, anyone? Does my brain no work so good?

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It was challenge based but at least you could progress. Jesus Christ you could hit 10 pass levels in an hour. There’s no reason it should take 20 + hours

Thanks for the breakdown. I was under the impression that the PmP was still the same but they added 50 xp on top of that.

I was under that impression too until I realized the Play 1 game = 50xp was not in addition to, it was a replacement.

I too once thought that these guys math was wrong. Listen to these guys. They speak the truth of the Forerunners.

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This is why we’re friends

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