Wrong server region

This was an issue with Halo MCC, you load into a game that’s across another country specifically the US and you’re met with high ping and unplayable matches. Then this was fixed with an introduction of server region selection and now we’re at the beginning again in Halo Infinite. It’s annoying to feel like 343 only considers players within their own country and forget about others (and I doubt they truly believe this).

If the argument was because 343 were afraid of people not filling in the servers within their region hence queue times would be long is completely false. With the amount of hype by the community and other players gaining interest I simply don’t understand why the question of queue times would be an issue. My experience during this “BETA”, queue times for both a region that I belong in and a foreign region (assuming US) has been the exact same, feeling almost instant. The number of active players from steam further reinforces the popularity of the game hence, increasing the pool of different players around the world. We all don’t want to play with high ping because it’s simply unfair and ruins the fun of the game when we’re constantly rubber banding around the map. In addition, if you attempt to leave a match too many times so you can play in a server that’s closest to you, you’ll get banned.

My solution is obvious but also slightly different from Halo MCC and is a more common method across other non-Halo games. Simply force us to play in the server we’re closest to. Like every other major game; COD, Fortnite, R6 Siege, D2, CSGO, and even smaller games like DBD, they all force you into a server region closest to you. I wouldn’t suggest the region server selection from Halo MCC simply because people who haven’t explored their settings won’t notice that option. In addition, this feature could be added years later when the population of the game has dropped hence queue times are long. Other than that it is quite common sense to force the player into a server region closest to them.

In the end, we shouldn’t have the option to load into someones else’s region where we gain a disadvantage. This is a quality of life feature that will be best for everyone and I don’t understand how it wasn’t like this in the first place even though it was a major issue in Halo MCC.

Hopefully, this makes sense and I hope to see a change to this very soon otherwise it’s going to feel very stale.

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Completely agree. We need a better way to connect to servers so we can have a fair game.

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