Wraith's boost in Halo 5

Is it just me or is it way less effective as a weapon to use against infantry; it seems like it’s been regulated for traversing the map quickly.

I’ve had several instances where I’ve tried to boost splatter opponents who’ve aggressively approached me in the Wraith and in all cases (thus far) it’s failed to splatter them; I even caught one as he was landing from a hop and instead of splattering him he simply boarded me.

I’m wondering if it’s just been my connection or their connection or if the Wraith’s boost use for offensive purposes has been toned down/removed?

Nobody else experiencing anything similar?

I know what you mean.

I think this actually changed in Halo 4. Instead of the boost being a short, sharp increase in speed, it’s now a more gradual increase with an increased duration and shorter cooldown.

I can honestly say if I see any heavy vehicle I don’t feel that threatend to board or destroy it on warzone.

I was pretty much thinking the same thing. In most cases, if someone charges my wraith I’m the one running scared. I’m in a TANK, not a pram. People should fear a tank, and I think it’s way too easy for people to take a wraith down with a grenade. It needs evaluating.