Wow, Who remembers this?

I just played some Halo 3, and i really hope Halo 4 is a continuation of this kind of Halo look and game play… i just think that Halo 3 is a great style to continue in the franchise.

anyone agree?

I love Halo 3’s art style also :3

Topic title is a bit misleading : ),

don’t think id ever forget the style and play of H3.

Personally it sounds like they are doing the right thing, keeping it similar, just making it newer.

I hope your referencing to the H3 forerunner experiences cause then i would definitely agree. With a new engine though I wouldn’t mind larger and more detailed : )

I definitely don’t want another reach. The H3 campaign tops everything visually in terms of style and theme.

I like the graphics in H3 better than Reach also. More cartoony and vivid instead of grainy and gritty.

Also the spartans in Reach move too fluidly (do to mocap). MC needs to retain his spartenesque movement aka H2 H3.