WoW Virgin Gaming, you suck at tournaments

<mark>Please Read:</mark> If VG is going to have everyone who past the qualifier flown to (insert random popular location) where the final tournament will only be say 4 hours long. Then please tell me so/leave the thread. Oh and if you comment about the above, please insult me in every way for my ignorance. However, if that is not the case and the real tournament will be like the qualifier (being a month long, instead of a short time), then enjoy the ride…

Player 1 (p1) makes 100 points a game, while Player 2 (p2) makes 200 points a game. Now if this were a skill only tournament, p2 should blow p1 out of the water. However, let’s say p2 only has time to play for 2 hours while p1 has the flexibility to play for 5 and a half hours. Now p1 will blow p2 out of the water simply because of playtime. And this doesn’t even factor in lag, friends, quitters, etc.

I’m not mentioning boosting because to me, it would seem VG’s tech would have to be actual people or at least something better than 343’s, the company that should be fueled by Microsoft.

Rant over.

And this is why MLG is so much better for tournaments! Congrats Microsoft, you -Yoinked!- up big time.

It was a rant but looking at it from a business perspective, it keeps people playing.