Wow they DO care!

I just found out that halo forge will be coming to pc for free later this year. After a bumpy start it really does seem like 343 is working their butt off to make us happy. All this free content. and no money paid, just out of sheer customer service. Makes me want to buy halo 6 just because they gave us so much free stuff!
Only two things left to add.
Split screen (good luck prolly not gunna happen)
and “random” and “none” weapon selections and more options for custom games (a general expansion of custom games would be great.)
I’d even pay for these updates lol.
Keep up the great work 343! You are really making up for lost ground! I am again excited for the Halo future.

Yep 343 has done a lot of good. You’re in the wrong place though mate:) This is the support section:)

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