Wow, ok then

Booted from a game because I betrayed teammates twice, the first one was an accidental grenade toss at an assassination in progress, the second betrayal was because my teammate ran into the residual “splinters” left behind from a splinter grenade aimed at the enemy team

Does the game give the betrayed player the option to boot, or is it an automatic decision made by the game?

I get that you’re trying to buckle down on negative behavior but maybe you should ease the leash just a bit

It gives the player the option to boot you so that dude is just an -Yoink- if he booted you after walking into your nade

Usually teammates decide if you’re kicked or not. You just have to be careful where you’re placing those grenades!
People online can get pretty ornery, so I’m not surprised that people would kick someone from a game for the most menial mistakes.