Wow Escharum boss fight was so much fun!

I can’t believe how much fun it was! First I spent 5 minutes pumping him full of rounds until his shield turns on, then I blow up the shield generator, and I spend another 5 minutes pumping him full of rounds until his shield turns on, then I do it again, and again, and then, after all that, he’s able to somehow lunge 50 feet and one shot me within moments after deactivating his final shield! It’s so much fun fighting a one-dimensional brute bullet sponge! Wow! I am so glad he’s got so much HP and is able to kill me so easily, so I get to keep doing it again, and again, and again, and throughout it all I get to listen to his haughty self-righteousness, that he’s been spewing the entire game, for the entire fight! What a multi-faceted character he is! Awesome! so fun!


bosses in skyrim have more dimensions than these bosses its absolutely pathetic even Alduin on legendary is easier and less spongy

P.S. i love the sarcasm


I’d have preferred if they booted Escharum and kept Craig, at least it would’ve been a funny meme! I didn’t think anyone could top the terrible Tartarus boss fight, but here we are!

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yeah, and chief’s line at the end of the fight was the apex of bad writing, “he died a soldier doing what he thought was right” like WTF


If the story was any good, I’d tell you that you spoiled it for me. But it wasn’t, so you didn’t. That’s pretty dumb, can’t wait to experience it first hand! So much fun!

well then i have to wish you luck on the final boss fight

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Man, y’all ever think after writing things like this, that your time would be better spent doing literally anything else than just coming onto a forum and complaining?


I don’t think it’s unreasonable to complain about a bad product. If I bought a car, and it didn’t run, would I be “wasting my time” complaining to the dealership about how they sold me a lemon?

Further, you’re here responding, so what does that say about you big fella?


I didn’t personally enjoy the fight myself, but his leaps were ‘memorable’ because they were very punishing if you didn’t manage to react fast enough.

It seems like ‘time gated’ or ‘multi immune phase’ boss fights are the norm nowadays. :man_shrugging:

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That depends on how you played. It sounded like you left out details or there werent any, meaning, you played on easy or normal. There isnt anything if youre doing it on that.

Playing on legendsry is a different story. Constsntly switching weapons and swinging around, drop shield and dashing makes it fun when you actually feel like you’re tryinf to survive.

Try not to overall judge the game by your perspective alone. A higher amount of the community enjoyed the campaign for a reason.

I completed the campaign on normal only, and even I had to do all of what you just just described. It further highlights why the leaps were ‘memorable’ in my opinion. Frantically running from the boss, switching weapons, grappling, dashing, I did all of that too! I’m just not a big fan of multiple immunity phases, but to each his own.

Yeah, like playing some BTB to unwind.


Definitely, but my cousin beaten it on legendary without the need to do that, onlt because it was fun

But i did it because i had to in order to survive, which made the challenge more enjoyable and less focused on his phases or bullet spongeness. In other words, the feeling of you and me doing the same thing will feel different because of the reasons we done them for

Well, I’m playing on heroic, so that nullifies the first part of your post. I’m one of those “old” 30-somethings who has already beaten all of the other titles on legendary on their original launch consoles, and I’m sorry but bullet sponges are the laziest way to make a boss challenging. Give me platforms to jump on and off, give me the verticality that existed in the rest of the campaign, give me a final boss that has more to say than “The Banished” in every single sentence of dialogue., or has more than two moves. It’s just laziness, and it blows my mind that people are coming on here defending 343i, owned by microsoft, one of the richest organizations in the world. If I did this kind of work at my job, surely I’d be fired.


The bosses are like Borderlands 2-tier obnoxious. I’ve only fought 3 yet I’m already annoyed.

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the only good boss is the monitor IMO

I only fought the first two elites, the Briglard grunt, and one of the Brutes with the Banished turret that shoots fast. If they’re able to one shot me than they shouldn’t have that much health or shields. It’s a shame because the camo feature the elites have are cool.

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I personally enjoyed all the bosses in the game.

Especially compared to Halo 2 and halo 5, Halo Infinite bosses to me had some actual content to them

I’m glad that you enjoyed them.

Like imagine if the Arbiter said that to Chief after Truth killed Miranda, then proceeded to kill truth…

Halo Infinites Campaign was far from complete and with what we still got told me that the campaign was still gutted.