Would you want a "hyper" canonical halo game?

So basically a Halo game tha follows canon as close as possible from plasma weapons doing as much damage as they do in the books, having both types of jackals in the game, or having multiple variants of mk.vi and the game would center around major halo battles such as the fall of reach, harvest, or even the forerunner flood war. They only un canonical things to happen would be if your on the side of the covenant and you lose the fall of reach when canonically they destroyed reach. Discuss.

That would be pretty cool, but probably very unbalanced due to the weapons and technology. That’s probably the only reason that the games aren’t already hyper canonical.

And the game would change the amount of players depending on the size of the battle. ( of course there would be limits because theres only so much the xbox can take without exploding )

The game would have to be single-player only, though, because multiplayer would be terribly unbalanced.

I think that Halo should be “hyper cannonical” as much as possible, except for when it would totally unbalance or break the game.
It would definitely make it more than what some people see as a Destiny or COD rip off.
As far as unbalanced plasma weapins, I’m not convinced they’d be all powerful. We know that historically, the Humans held the advantage in groundside battles whereas the Covenant had a big advantage in space combat due to precision slips pace jumps, energy shields, and homing plasma torpedoes. Traditionally humans could only won in space when outnumbering the Covenant 3 to 1.
Whereas a team of 4 Spartans 2s might defeat 1000 Covenant soldiers and we’re practically guaranteed success in completing objectives.

I’ve actually imagined a MMORPG set in the Halo universe, starting as a soldier, taking placement exams, placement relying on real world knowledge, and taking the good and the bad of the unbalanced war for survival against the Covenant.

This would be great if it was a campaign only game like ODST. If it had multiplayer, it’d be riddled with more complaints than any game ever over balance of weapons, vehicles, and enemy types (assuming you’d get to play as more than just Spartans).

However, a way to add replayability would be to include multiple co-op modes like Firefight, a completely redone version of Spartan Ops, and any other types of PvE game modes.

Covenant weaponry would be so OP! It would be terribly unbalanced