would you trust this proposed fix? (lag/crash fix)

<mark>Link removed by moderator</mark>

the website is fine, you can visit it, it will not download anything etc

the file itself is not a verified publisher that would resemble 343 or halo etc etc
in addition, many areas of the file when it tries to ‘save to location’ appears in Russian as well as random symbols that to my knowledge mean nothing.
i don’t know if i trust it as i can not find any source that will vouch for it, nor do these articles have any vouching comments

what do you think?

just a virus for sure

No, this is not a legitimate patch.

Unless the patch comes from the MS / Xbox Live store or is linked in a blog post here on Waypoint by a member of 343, <mark>do not</mark> download it attempt to install. OP I’m removing the link as some people are unfortunately curious and support can’t be provided for people that do decide to try and install it.