Would you rather see Halo CE remade, or Halo 4?

For the next Halo game, would you rather Halo CE be remade or Halo 4? Neither is confirmed by the way. State why you would prefer one over the other.

I would rather see a new game instead of a remake. I think a new title would bring more to the table and be much more interesting to play than a game I have already played, even if it does come with updated graphics and other features.

Halo CE, since they have been hinting at it for sometime now.

I can play Halo CE any time I want. If I had to pick between the two, I’d pick Halo 4.

But I’d rather just have both… :stuck_out_tongue:

Halo 4 because I’ve played CE to death.

call me selfish but id like to see both :stuck_out_tongue:

Halo 4.
I need the Master Chief.


At this point, a CE remake faithful to the original. I’m not sure how I feel about a Halo 4 with Chief right now…

First one, then the other.

A spot on remake of CE please.

I would rather have a new game. For some reason when I think of a remake I think of 007: Golden Eye’s “Remake”

And it’s not like CE is out right now…

That’s really difficult to say. The idea of a remake never appealed to me until I thought more and more about how cool an HD remake of CE would be.

I would play a remake because CE never had a theater mode and I don’t I could pass up on the opportunity to take pics of MC on the first halo :slight_smile:

I’ve been dying to see the Chief again ever since September 2007. lol

However, I don’t think me, or the rest of the world for that matter, is ready for him. We just got off Reach and I think more time needs to be spent there until I move to the next big Halo.

That said, Halo CE remake. It’s something that would be really cool that would be a great addiction to the Halo franchise, it would hold a lot of us over, and it would still allow us time to hang out in Bungie’s last Halo (even if it’s not the best they made).

Plus, I think Halo 4 would be a perfect launch title for the Xbox 720. Bring home a brand new Halo related Xbox console + a new Halo would probably be the happiest day since realizing Master Chief was still alive. lol

I think I’d like a Halo CE remake. I’t been a long time since I’ve run through it, and I’d LOVE the nostalgic feel of it all, with the addition of being able to play it online. Also, it’d fit nicely because it pretty much picks up right where the Reach story left off.

I know that chief is still in space from halo3, and that in the first part of reach when carter was talking about noble 6 that he\she needed to leave the lone wolf thing behind, and who knows where jun is. It would be cool to see a remake or halo4 I just hope the game has a good forge world and I can duel weld again.

I would want to see Halo Reach ODST. I like the ODST style FF and campaign. And it’s a good way to set-up for the next game like Bungie did.

Personally, I would prefer to have Halo CE Remake. Update the graphics and incorporate online functionality. Release it this fall. We know if the next game is to be Halo 4 then it won’t be releasing this fall. I don’t know why it has to be mutually exclusive. Lets get a Halo CE remake this fall and Halo 4 next Fall…Pipe dream…

If I were made to pick between the two, I would choose H4.

I myself would like to see a new game rather than a remake.