Would you rather play undermanned or with the bots?

at first i thought it was pretty cool that if someone quit on your team they would be replaced by a bot but now i think i would rather be 3 on 4 because the bots are worthless. during the other beta (or whatever it was called) there were some bots that were tough, where are they at…

Bots, since they can be bait while I get the double or triple kill. Hasn’t failed me yet. It’d be nice to get a difficulty boost for them, though.

Id rather have a slayer playlist so that people stay in the game. Too hard for 343 in 2021.

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Social/Normal Playlists with Bots. Ranked without Bots.

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Undermanned it’s free kills for they opposition. At least make them Spartan difficulty bots to make it even.


At the current difficulty they 100% do not belong in Slayer. They only feed kills to the other team, often leading to situations where you could very likely have won without them going 0-16. Even in CTF I’ve seen them grab a dropped flag in our base when both are contested, and run mindlessly across the map with it to gift them an ez return.


Rather than bots they should have a multiplier system so if it’s 3 Vs 4 the 3 team with 3 get a plus 25% boost on points for control & oddball plus on slayer they should make the respawn for the enemy 25% longer.

They should be taken out in slayer and only be put in in objective game modes

For Slayer, probably would be down a person. But for games modes not focusing on kills, eh, why not?

Bots should be higher in difficult then Marine though.

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