Would you rather live in halo times or now?

If you were given the chance to be live during the halo times i.e 2552 or around that time would you?

I mean the world seems so amazing, well up until the covenant attack but I still would love to fight them. Even volunteer to the Spartan II or III program ( if that was possible) would be awesome.

So yea I would like to know if any of you guys would have liked to be born in that time period, and why and what would you be doing ( fighting the covenant as a ship commander or just a simple soldier? or would you be a innocent civilian running from the fighting?

I would like to know :slight_smile:

Civilian life in 2552 is interesting.

Well, if you think about it, it’s not all that glamurous. Imagine in their shoes where you have to fight for your lives all the time, everyday, for the rest of your life and never have a chance to have a family, or do anything else in your life except fight because of your nature, a super soldier from the time you go through the augmentation process until the day you die in action, where most likely your body will never be recovered.

But being a civilian I can understand.

halo times i’m eager to smack some covies in their place

Dude, Why Choose To Live In One Timeline, When You Can Live In Both! Just Turn On Your Xbox 360! :smiley:

Cancer can be cured within days.

I would rather live in Halo times.

That depends if some one comes along or not.

Halo times, are more fun !

well given the fact that most of human controlled planets got glassed and a large majority of the civilians got slaughtered I would say no. and if I lived in Halo times I couldn’t play Halo:Reach or xbox for that matter… then again I could play Minecraft on the fanciest computer available in teh future

> if I lived in Halo times I couldn’t play Halo:Reach or xbox for that matter…

Think of it this way; if you lived in 2552, you would know what Xbox was, and you likely wouldn’t care.

I’d rather live in current times, purely because it’s not fun to live during a galactic scale war that’s threatening your race with the very real possibility of extinction. In addition, from the material that I’ve read, civilian life isn’t much different, there’re only relatively minor improvements to technology.

Whichever time id live the longest in.

Now. The whole genocidal war thing sorta ruins the thrill a little.

As long as I lived on Earth on my current location. I don’t believe Covenant would be interested enough in nordic countries.

It really depends on where on the Timeline of the Halo Universe. I’d want to live in the Halo Universe after the Covenant was defeated as a civillian, it would be pretty awesome.

Like duh in the 2552. But civilian? Hell no. Before I die, I’m filling Hell with as many as I can. Skulls mean nothing in the afterlife, I want their souls.

I mean I would rather live in a MMO game based in 2552 then actually live in. To be very very honest, everyone in 2552 humans, covies, life undiscovered is all very very lucky as of Halo 3 and to be honest with the flood still a high threat, its still uncertain. But life is uncertain even today as I type. Anything can happen. :]

I wouldnt want to live during this time because the covie vs human war is just plain unfair. They have an alliance of species and technology thats clearly better then that of the UNSC. As humans we are just too stobborn to accept defeat. Even if they wiped out earth, we would still be massing a defense at the moon for round 2. And even if they took out the moon, we’d be at mars for round 3. So on and so forth. We just dont know when to give up. :stuck_out_tongue:

We know that an uncountable number of our species will die so that some of us may live to push forward. Covies call us stobborn, we call it being human.

I’d only like to live in those times if I was a Spartan! would be incredibly badass…but the main reason I’d like to live in the Halo times would be space travel. I doubt we’ll colonise planets in our lifetime. Mars seems about the only place we’ll be going this century.

Well…hopefully the events that happen in the halo games won’t happen in the year 2552, so i’d rather be alive nowadays. Like right now. I like my life.

Also who says were going to have a 2552? I mean we still don’t know about 2012 (Fingers crossed for zombies). Then with the current problems in the middle east considering nuclear weapons, a nuclear war is inevitable which would destroy most of, if not all, of the planet.

But if the events of halo did come true, that would be terrible. Billions of people dying doesn’t sound fun to me.

In 2552,of course.It would be great to not have to worry about paying $30 a gallon,or Al-Qaeda suicide bombers all the time.Not all the planets are glassed,and we all know the war ends with the sangheilli on our side.