Would you rather have BR or PVE?

Ill rather have warzone back over another boring BR

I’d rather have SWAT

PvE should have been there from day 1. Battle Royal? Along with many others I don’t care about it. At all.

PVE easily.

Battle Royals are as overplayed as Hero shooters were post Overwatch.

Season 2 is Coop, so that’s great. And 3 is Forge. I really hope season 4 is Firefight. Then Season 5 can be a big new PvP thing like BR or more preferably, a revamp of the overall system to allow things like multi-team and bring back modes like Assault, Race/Rocket Race, Grifball, Ricochet, and King of the Hill.

I’m gonna say PvE purely on the off chance that we get Firefight. Otherwise, I’ll take neither.

The only BR we need in Halo is the Battle Rifle.