Would you rather have BR or PVE?

Suppose that 343 could make either a Battle Royale or a Player Versus Enemy mode. Or that one of them would release first.

Which one would you rather get?

  • Battle Royale
  • PVE

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No doubt about it.


Lets be real, we deserve both.


I don’t even know how the halo formula could fit into a BR.
If you look at other BR shooters all the weapons are relatively similar and the power difference between them is minimal.
Look at Apex’s weapons, here’s a machinegun, here’s a bigger machinegun, here’s smaller machinegun, here’s a laser machinegun…etc

Halo is over here saying, this is THE machinegun, this is THE rocket launcher and this rocket launcher is supposed to be better than the machinegun. How does this design philosophy fit into a BR?

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I’m intrigued to see what a Halo BR would look like but PvE is something that should have been there day one so my vote goes to that.

I haven’t played many BR’s, not my cup of tea (hence my vote is PVE hands down), but as far as I remember Fortnite and CoD Warzone have color coded tiers of weapons. There is the common rifle, the rare, the epic and the legendary rifles…

Instead of having different tiers of the same rifle, Halo would have the awful and useless Stalker Rifle and the awesome Sniper Rifle and Skewer.

PvE-starts with a strong lead
Me-I love democracy

I don’t enjoy pvp, but something like firefight would be more enjoyable for me.


I’d rather 343 hire a support studio with BR experience to make a BR in the Slipspace engine, while 343 focuses on Infinite’s core development.

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You forgot to mention a PvEvP, like Halo5 Warzone. I like it too.

But yes a PvE a la Firefight would be awesome to have.


0 interest in BR. If anything Halo Infinite has shown me just how boring Battle Royale is.

The arena shooter that Infinite is, is far superior. So much more happens. Its more involving.

I mean its number 1 on US Xbox Live ahead of Fortnite and Warzone, and number 4 in Europe.

Even on Twitch it’s outperforming BR games. Which noone predicted.

I think we may be seeing alot of gamers getting bored of the BR thing and coming back to good Arena shooters.


I never fully understood the fascination with BR games. I tried PUBG and Apex Legends, and while Apex was enjoyable it just isn’t what I want in a FPS. PUBG was a complete waste of money. I think I only played 4 or 5 games before uninstalling it.


PvE like Firefight or like Spartan Ops?

ODST Firefight > BR > Firefight > Spartan Ops

No battle royal. Battle royal is a -Yoink!- game mode

PvE has far more potential in my opinion.

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Halo 5 already did the tiered-weapons thing, and it was a colossal failure; it made picking your gear for Warzone & Warzone Firefight a bigger annoyance as you unlocked more Reqs. A lot of that hassle could have been avoided, if they had just brought back the Personal Loadouts system only for that mode; I failed to see the reason why I had to get to Req level 7 to be able to use an SMG/ DMR with a certain scope or attachment on it. It was dumber than hell.

PvE without a doubt

I don’t like PvP, and Halo was built as a PvE experience first. And I want more Halo PvE.

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Omg firefight would be top class!

I miss all the wacky effects they could throw in the mix in firefight, it was also a mode you could chill on and just verse mass amounts on non spartan enemies

How about a functioning game…

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PvE, hands down. Currently use bots with friends in custom to fill the itch. Once the bots can use vehicles (and if they ever add more than 8 max), it would hold me over until Firefight.