Would you play this version of Halo?

I saw several complaints about halo 5 so i decided to see what would be a good version of a halo game, and made my own.
Entirely multi-player based idea for PC more than likely, Xbox if it could handle it.
-Engine style is same look as reach, so everything looks more worn, not as shiny.
-Same frame rate as Reach to allow split screen, 40fps at most.
Character Custom
-Spartan: II (Mark VI Armor), III (Mark V Armor), and IV (Mark I Gen-II).
-Elite: Pick between Reach, 3, and 4 armors.
-Gender: Male Female
-Armor customization: Depending on spartan armor or elite, can pick different armor types and parts, earn armor via credits or acheviements. Cannot mix generations of armor. Armor accessorys for each armor too, including extra ammo pounches.
-Armor Colors: Any color mix, two color options, bar to scale darkness of color as well.
-Visor Colors: Same as armor, does not need to be unlocked, and viable eyes option.
-Downloadable emblems

Weapons, Vehicles, and Abilities
-Everyone gets 2 personal loadouts depending on the species.
-Spartan Loadout Options: Assault rifle, Battle Rifle, DMR, SMG, and Pistol. (All Halo 5)
-Elite Loadout Options: Plasma Rifle, Plasma Repeater, Storm Rifle, Carbine, and Plasma Pistol. (All Reach and Halo 5)
-Spartan Standard Abilities: Sprint, Thruster Pack, Clamber, and Armor Ability Pick: Invisibility, Armor Lock, Drop Shield, Light shield, Hologram, or Jetpack.
-Elite Standard Abilities: Sprint, Evade, Clamber, and Armor AbilIity Pick: Invisibility, Armor Lock, Drop Shield, Light shield, Hologram, or Jetpack.
-Covenant Pick up Weapons(game): Brute Shot(ODST), Spiker(Reach), Gravity Hammer(4), Brute Shotgun(3), Energy Sword(5), Beam Rifle(5), Focus Rifle(Reach), Concussion Rifle(Reach), Needle Rifle(Reach), Needler(5), Plasma Caster(5), Plasma Launcher(Reach), Fuel Rod Cannon(5 with Reach’s strength), Plasma Grenade(4), and Plasma Cannon(4).
-Forerunner Pick up Weapons(game): Light Rifle(4), Scattershot(5), Suppressor(5), Inceneration Cannon(4), Boltshot(4, no charged shot), Binary Rifle(4), and Splinter Turret(5).
-UNSC Pick up Weapons(game): Rocket Launcher(5), Hydra Launcher(5), Flamethrower(3), Shotgun(5), Sniper Rifle(Reach), SAW(5), Sticky Detonator(4), Frag Grenade(Reach), Grenade Launcher(Reach), Spartan Laser(5), Gatling Turret(5), and Guass Turret(5).
-Covenant Vehicles (game): Ghost(5), Revenant(Reach), Wraith(4), Ultra Wraith(5), Banshee(Reach), and Phantom(none, new, only 2 side guns, seats 5 people).
-Forerunner Vehicles (game): Phaeton(5).
-UNSC Vehicles (game): Mongoose, Gungoose, Gattling, Warthog(5), Rockethog(5), Guasshog(5), Scorpeon(Reach), Hornet(3, optional front guns), Falcon(Reach, option front gun, has 3 passenger seats), Pelican (4, only 2 side guns, seats 5 people).
-Radar is 30m
-Pick up grenades

Abilities Info:
-Sprint: Unlimited
-Evasion: 5 seconds cooldown after 2 jumps
-Thruster: same
-Armor Lock: sheds grenades, lasts only 5 seconds.
-Hardlight Shield: same as 4
-Jetpack: same as 4 and reach.
-Drop Shield: same as reach
-Hologram: same as 4 and reach.
-Invisibility: same as 4.

Maps and Game types:
-All game maps(From Reach, 3, 4, and 5)
-All game types (From Reach and 4)

-Useable on all large maps, even forge world.
-Now an Elite version of firefight where you fight human enemies and Spartan IV’s.
-Still customized loadouts
-Customizable wave properties and enemies
-Use on forge world now as well as other maps.
-Option to make vehicles more common
-Add high boss like characters
-Use certain vehicles in forge firefight.
-Add AI allies if playing with less than 4 people, more times you beat firefight on harder difficulties without boosted power, more AI’s unlocked like ODST’s, chief, or even arbiter.

Spartan Ops
-Same as 4

-Rank up via skill, armor is still earned by credits or achievements, not rank.
-New game type that picks player made maps and game types to play on for infected, flood, BTB, Invasion, or free for all.
-Join in progress.
-Spawn times like Reach.
-Multiple betrayals (5+) results in instant boot unless in a custom game.
-AI subsitutes for players when people leave in the middle of a game, AI leaves when new player comes in to even odds. AI’s only appear to help match the number of actual people.
-Online random co-op campaign

Custom Game
-Have AI’s for testing custom games.

-Forge world like Halo Reach
-Items like Halo Reach but place 3 times as many items
-Day and Night system or at the press of a button in game
-Weather system or at a press of a button in game
-Place AI’s of any kind and set to hostile or friendly for firefight or custom game.
-Firefight possible in forge world and customizable spawns, cannot set explosives close to spawns
-Options for AI auto turrets that target anyone or a specific team color.
-Duplicate multiple items at once
-Move multiple items at once
-Fine edit
-Zoom in.

Extra:(mainly for machinma’s)
-Live Weapon lowering in 1st and 3rd person.
-Custom game option to have both weapons put away resulting in an idle animation via pause button menu.
-Option to sit if in a custom game via pause button menu.
-Low aim assist and bullet magnetism.
-Boots players if they are AFK for more than 3minutes, betray a teammate while no one is around so victim can boot, may instantly boot players who constantly hit other allies(not custom game option) in order to get other players booted.
-Pick Halo announcer type or have no announcer.
-No points shown on middle of screen
-No detraction medal.
-Added Yoink Medal
-No spartans or elites talking, groan when stuck though.
-Reach theatre mode with slower rewind and fast forward.
-Smarter AI’s except on grunts, they are always stupid.