Would You Pay For The Classic Halo Menu?

Would you guys pay for a classic menu system like in Halo 3 and Reach? With new menu music? I’m curious to know. I would gladly pay $10 for the classic menu style.

in a heartbeat

Halo 3 Mythic disk menu. Oh yeah.

I’d pay 400 -Yoink!- points for Reach’s menu and the accompanying features, no more. It would be abhorrent to pay for that, on principle.


But I’d be willing to pay for Halo 5 WITH the Reach style layout (seeing other players was awesome) and the classic Halo theme.


Halo 4 may not have the best menu but I wouldn’t pay just to make it look and sound different.

No. Waste of money when the current menu works fine. Not as great as older menus, but it still works.

Yes! I hate these horrible menus. If they added in playlist exp Id be even more happier.

They’re not the best menus, but I can work with them.

Wish the music could be changed, though.

Reach had the best UI, I’d probably get it.

If the menu got rid of that horrific music then probably yes.

They should really update the menu’s with a patch they’re SO BAD!

To literally pay for their mistakes…

Hell no.

Nope. I don’t have a problem with the menu.

Paying for a menu? Lol no

It should have been that way from the beginning. I’m not going to hand out more money just for that. Before you know it, people will just be blindly spending another 60 bucks just to get back things they wish they got right. Hopefully it’s a standard layout for the next game.

> To literally pay for their mistakes…
> Hell no.

Well put. I only hope they actually spend some time/money/brainpower on UX in Halo 5. I’d gladly take Reach’s layout or even Halo 3/ODST’s menu.

Paying for superficial stuff like that is an example of micro transactions gone too far. It’s bad enough I need to pay for DLC that I so rarely get to play… paying for superficial customizations that you can’t even brag about or show off to other players is a big turn off in my book.

I have yet to see anything wrong with the menu. If anything, it looks nicer.

Daft idea is daft.

but seriously, I’d rather have a bright pink menu (MANLY COLOR!) than pay for one, because it’s useless, at least with armor and weapon skins, you can use them, to make yourself feel special, NOBODY would notice you had a new menu, so what worth is it, if they update it for free, all for it… but i’d NEVER pay for that.

> Halo 3 Mythic disk menu. Oh yeah.

I miss this so much… I traded in my odst though :frowning:

Halo 4’s music didn’t do it for me at all. It had some great moments but overall it was a huge let down… Halo 1/2/3/Reach had the best music, I’m going to miss Martin O’Donnel!

I’m a huge backer of H4 on most things… but I completely agree. By far the worst music of any Halo game I’ve played.

I absolutely loved H1,2,3 and Reach music at menu (can’t remember Wars / ODST but I do know that none have ever stuck out as being BAD like H4).

This music was very disappointing to me. I wonder why the changed the formula so much???

No, i like H4, its unique.