Would you pay 800msp for this?

New Forge World:
Either Dessert, Covenant or Snow/Ice themed.
DLC: Just one map, but the size of Forge World.
Add the target locator, Civilian Vehicles, and shield doors that vehicles cannot travel through (like halo 3).
Either a Bungie or 343/Certain Affinity map.

.: Would you pay 800 for one AWESOME map???
p.s: I would!

I’ve always liked the concept of a desert or Mombasa themed Forge World map. If it could be UNSC/human themed then it would be even greater in my opinion. Frankly, I would rather pay 800 points for this map and two others though. Or 3+ maps, now that would be incredible.

It would really have to be an amazing map to warrant 800 points on its own.

Is this a forge map? A covie…Forge world…Id pay 1600msp for that

Lol, don’t let Microsoft know that :stuck_out_tongue:
I think a huge map could fulfill an entire 800 msp though.