Would you like to see voting eliminated?

When H5 launches would you like to see a map/gametype selection process similar to the H5 Beta or Halo 2 where the map and gametype to be played are pre-chosen (not by players) within a given playlist?

You decide to hop into Team Objective then you would start a CTF game on Truth right off the bat, no voting required.

It could also be Bomb on Empire. Either way, the point is there would be no voting with changes being handled by server side tweaks that 343 could put out to optimize the system.

I have also heard people having interest in the veto system from H3. My cousin brought this up to me at work today.

yes voting should go and veto should return or they keep the rotation system a la Gears 3. Voting has lead to the same maps being played to death and some maps literally just never being played. When Halo 4 first came out it wasn’t uncommon for me to play Exile 6 times in a row. At least with the veto system there would have been a chance for meltdown and vortex. The veto system allowed for more and better variety which kept the game fresh. Why have 10-15 maps at launch if I’m only going to play on like 3 or 4 of them because that is all anyone will vote for? Same with the MCC. With voting your gametype and map would vary hugely depending on with whom you were playing. Some people will only vote halo 2, halo 3, etc.

Voting also gives disproportionate amounts of power to party teams since they will all normally vote along the same lines, giving themselves an even greater advantage considering matchmaking systems still favor putting parties with random and calling it fair.

Like Benti86 said, I would like to see veto return.

Voted yes, with an appropriate sense of irony.

Yes please with the veto, I am sick and tired of people picking the same thing over and over again, there are other maps try them out get out of your comfort zone -_-

Yes, they should either do away with voting altogether, or bring back the veto system.

By the prophets, please bring back the veto system. I can’t stand playing on any of the lockout maps anymore.

Yes no votes!

Veto please, the lockout spam… it’s awful.

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> Voted yes, with an appropriate sense of irony.

What’re you thinking is ironic?

I am interested to hear why some of you voted one way or the other.

No way. Vetoing sucked because you could always get thrown into a horrible gametype or map like Assembly. I’d rather either keeping the large amount of choice that voting gives or have absolutely no choice in the matter like Halo 2.

Nothing like vetoing Pit-BR’s because you don’t want to play it for the hundredth time, only to get something terrible like Valhalla-AR’s right after.

The three-card system isn’t perfect but it’s a lot better than those days.

Actually I think they should just add a server browser and/or the option to search for specific maps and gametypes, but that’s another debate.

> What’re you thinking is ironic?

Think about it. What’s this thread about?

No I just want them to fix the stupid bug where if there’s a tie, it picks the first map automatically.

I voted yes on this. I’m so tired of playing the same maps/gametypes in the MCC over and over again. I don’t care if Veto returns or not, as long as Voting disappears.

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> > 2535420014591908;4:
> > Voted yes, with an appropriate sense of irony.
> What’re you thinking is ironic?

> I think it would be ironic, if everything was made of iron

But really, I kinda want veto, because alot of people need to stop voting for the same 5 maps and play some less-popular ones

Btw, what hes getting at as “ironic” is that he voted about voting

I like the idea of the players being able to choose what they want to play.


That being said, sometimes a single map and game type is the only thing that the players choose, which gets very, very annoying. If the community ends up being like that then I’d rather not have a voting system in place.

I think veto allowed for nor map diversity

I would like to play on all the maps. Playlists with dedicated servers that load from a list of maps, maybe one veto option to skip to the next map, and give us a vote on Slayer variants or in an objective playlist three objective variants to choose from.

Veto system was much better.