Would you like to see a Halo 4 Emblem pack?

Although I didn’t mind having to rank up to get the emblems. I was kind of disappointed that Halo 4 didn’t have some of the emblems seen in the previous games.

So I was wondering, would you like to see a DLC Emblem pack?
If so, would you be willing to pay for it?

By the way,

I would LOVE to see more emblems released in the future but I wouldn’t like to pay, maybe 80MP or less.

yes would love to have my old number 3 back

I find it beyond stupid that you have to unlock emblems. Just another CoD gimmick. Along with Care Packages, Instant Spawn, Shotgun as a secondary weapon, Join in Progress, Unlocking weapons, Weapon Skins unlocked through “Specializations” aka Prestige, and Perks.

Yes, I realize CoD didn’t “invent” those features but obviously they were taken due to the success of CoD. No one would copy it if CoD sold 100 copies but when its the highest selling game franchise ever, people copy it. And it is leading to 343i destroying Halo.

You bring up a good point. Some of the things that 343i have introduced are not considered “Halo” such as weapon skins. But comparing this game to CoD makes no sense to me whatsoever, CoD has a completely different play style to Halo. The features you mentioned have been added to broaden Halo’s audience, not to turn it into a CoD game!

Not this Spartan.